The Do's and Don'ts of Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings

Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings

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Considering the innumerable options and ideas that one might come across, determining the right wordings for Indian wedding invitations can turn out to be a daunting task. And this is something that makes you prone to committing several mistakes. To help you, here is a comprehensive guide to choosing the ideal wordings, focusing on the important do's and don'ts that you need to consider.

Do's of Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings

There are five crucial do's that you have to follow for structuring a beautiful wedding card and these are:

    • The wordings that you choose must be carefully drafted, so think twice about what you want to mention in the cards and then plan accordingly.
    • Do incorporate the quintessential wordings of a typical Indian wedding invitation such as Om, religious quote and so on.
    • Do realize how you want to place the phrases, showcasing your originality and sincerity

Don'ts of Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings

Besides the do's there are certain don'ts that should be avoided in order to make the most of your Indian wedding cards such as:

    • Don't make use of address labels of on the card, instead write them down. This portrays your affection towards the guest.
    • Don't overuse words in a range of adding personal touch, the precise you are the better will be the cards
    • Don't leave out the traditional essence of wordings. There are specific elements that are regarded to be a must in Indian wedding invitations.

At the end of the day, the search for the best wordings does not have to be a tedious process. You just have to look after the few do's and don'ts that are mentioned above and you will be able to unleash the card of your dreams in no time.

Make sure that you consider each one of them, while planning the words of your wedding card, as what you mention on the card says volumes about the grand event of your life.
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