Silica Based Concrete Additives

The High Performance of Silica Based Concrete Additives

Silica Based Concrete Additives

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The use of silica based concrete additives has improved the construction business. You no longer have to worry about thermal cracking as a result of cement hydration or heat. Silica based concrete additive can also endure attack by both acidic and sulphate water.

Are Silica based Concrete Additives Effective?

Have you ever asked if silica based concrete additives are effective in their functions or not? To start off, there are numerous positive reviews on the internet praising silica based concrete additives. Generally, silica based concrete additives is a mixture of water, cement and other silica additives.  This is what enhances the durability of any concrete. In addition to these, the above components control the concrete behavior by improving the hardening process. Silica based concrete additives are mostly in two forms. It can be either in powdered or liquid form.

These additives come in ready to use form. You simply need to add them on the concrete at your workstation. The success of silica based concrete additives depends on how you use your concrete additives. Please note that there are two types of silica base concrete additives you can use, namely mineral and chemical. Generally, chemical additives ensure the quality of concrete is maintained during the mixing process, reduces the general construction cost and improves the hardening concrete properties. Mineral additives increase the strength of concrete; and minimize the cost of the construction process, among others.

Silica Based Concrete Additives Online

Silica Based Concrete Additives Online | Image Resource :

Function Classification of Silica Based Concrete Additives

As we all know, there are different types of silica based concrete additives in the market to choose from. Surprisingly, these silica based concrete are customized for different functions.  Let us understand functions performed by different Silica based concrete additives:

Water reducing- These silica based concrete additives significantly reduce the amount of water used during the creation of concrete, reduce the amount of cement needed, and increase the size of slump. This statement automatically means the ratio between cement and water will be reduces, thus saving the general expense cost. These types of silica based concrete additives are recommended for large projects that require the use of steel. As we all know, steel requires high workability concrete. Lastly, these concrete additives improve the durability and the strength of concrete.

Shrinkage reducing- Are you handling projects that curling and cracks should be minimized to enhance durability? If yes, you need shrinkage reducing concrete additives. Shrinkage reducing additives suit projects such as building bridge decks and on floor slabs. Most concrete shrink because of loss of excess water. This forces the internal part of a concrete to stress thus leading to curing or cracking. Cracking and curling is common among slabs.

Air entrainment- As the name suggests, these concrete additives minimizes the amount of air bubbles in the concrete. This hastens the process of stabilizing air bubbles in concrete. As a result, this helps prevent the concrete from cracking. Air entrainment also reduces bleed water before concrete is set.
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