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Indian Wedding Invitations – Beautiful Invites With Lovely Printing Effects

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Today’s wedding invitations are not what they used to be decades ago. There are so many options for couples to choose from such as simple cards, designer invites, cartoon or doodle drawing invites,  digital invites etc. The choice of design largely depends on how best you want to communicate information about your wedding and how you visualize it to be. Even if you have a specific budget you can still be sure of finding a design that look grand yet falls within it.

Some Interesting Ideas On Wedding Invitation Designs

Wedding cards designs are quite spectacular today with the wide assortment of printing effects that can be done on them.  You can bring just about any kind of a look into your card to make it unique and very attractive the best ideas would be to look into different designs and bring together the most interesting ones as they will make the card very special. Some ideas that you can consider for your card are:
  1. Plain white backgrounds against which bold designs are printed either big or all over in a striking contrast color
  2. Pastel shade card with Matte finishing to the overall look which makes the card look elegant and beautiful
  3. Infusing a variety of colors together in either an artistic way or through geometric patterns to give  riot of colors
  4. Plain background against which gold or silver embossing ejects are laid out
  5. Card made entirely from silk paper with gold printing effects

In addition to these style, also look into digital cards which have impressive graphics effects. You will find them to have a host of interesting features such as animation, voice over, song, video and much more. Bring in your creative ideas into such a card and have a beautiful designed one that can be instantly sent to a large number of people online.
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