Indian Wedding Favours

Indian Wedding Favours- An Epitome Of Love

Indian Wedding Favour Bags

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Once upon a time, the concept of wedding favours was limited to the European countries. But Indian wedding favours have captured the imagination of a wedding ceremony. In the form of a gift a token of appreciation is conveyed to all the guests who have been part of the wedding.

Are you aware of the fact that a wedding favour in China involves distribution of chop sticks? The reason for it is that most of the people in China use chopsticks for their meal. The thing that you would need to keep in mind is the utility aspect when you are giving the gift.

In the domain of Indian wedding favours, when you are choosing the gift, keep in mind the tastes of that particular person. For example, a person may like handbags or jewellery. But if the wedding guest list is large you cannot choose a gift as per the tastes of each person.

More insight into the wedding favours from Indian point of view

Take note of the fact that wedding favours could be gender specific as well. Ideally you can hand over a wallet to a man and say thank you. As usual jewellery is a hit with women. The age of the person is also important in the choice of a gift. You cannot gift your brother in law or your uncle the same thing. If you are looking to purchase sarees for women the colours should match their age. Make sure that any gift you choose should impress your fellow guests.
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