Asian Wedding Invitation Cards

How To Choose Asian Wedding Invitation Cards?

Asian Wedding Invitation Cards

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A wedding invitation is an important decision of any wedding. Not only the guests are notified about the date or venue of the wedding, if properly chosen the guests are informed about the following aspects as well.

    • The style ( whether it is a casual or formal wedding)
    • Your own preferred style ( traditional or modern)
    • The colour scheme that you want to adopt
    • If you are planning a theme for your wedding.

Asian wedding cards vary in terms of budget; the couple can either go for a reasonable card or choose an expensive piece. The price is determined on the paper type, the print that is being used, and the sheets of paper being used to name a few. With the advent of the internet all the basic research can be undertaken before you intent to take the plunge.

How the choice of Asian wedding invitation cards becomes easy?

To start off the process of Asian wedding invitation cards, take a count on the number of guests. Though it is pretty difficult to figure out the exact number of guests, but you can have a ballpark figure in mind. In this manner you can come out with a realistic budget for your wedding invitations.

Ideally a proper estimate of a wedding invitation works out to be around 3 % of the total cost of the wedding. For example, if you’re wedding budget is around $20,000, you will have to spend $600 on wedding card.

It is suggested that you start early because you can then explore all options. Not only money will be saved but you can check out numerous samples as well. A six month cushion should be ideal for your Asian wedding invitation cards. By this endeavour you are going to have sufficient time for printing the cards. In addition you can assemble the cards and mail them to your guests in advance so that there is no hassle at a later stage.

Asian Wedding Invitation

Asian Wedding Invitation | Image Resource :

Detail explanation of Asian wedding cards to know

The market is flooded with numerous designs along with types of Asian wedding cards, but only a handful of them have craved the popularity charts. An engraved type is an absolute classic wedding invitation card, and it informs guests of a traditional type of wedding. For any formal wedding, such type of Indian invitation cards is a must. These types of wedding cards are a bit expensive as it takes the engraver a host of steps for completing an invitation. In fact this type of wedding card invitations need to be ordered well in advance, say around 8 weeks or so earlier.

Most printing of wedding cards is done through offset printing. It has climbed up the popularity charts because of the precise factor that it is cost effective. Most printers or vendors have them both in the online and offline mode. The best part about them is that you can buy a blank card and then customize it accordingly. The quality may differ, so when you choose a printer opt for an individual who assures good quality.
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