Marathi Wedding Card Format

Marathi Wedding Card Format Has A Traditional Flavour

Marathi Wedding Card Format

Maharashtrian weddings have many ceremonies associated with the wedding. Close relatives take part in some ceremonies while guests are invited for other ceremonies. The traditional style wedding cards are preferred by elders of the community. The wedding card is known as lagna patrika in Marathi and it is often printed in Marathi. A particular format and wordings are used in traditional invitations.
Red and maroon coloured cards with traditional motifs are usually selected for Maharashtrian weddings. These colours are considered auspicious and usually golden colour ink is used for the motifs and the printed matter. Marathi wedding card format is followed in traditional cards and in such cards a format is followed from many years. The image of Ganesha is printed in the card and usually the first card is kept at Ganesha’s altar in the temple.

Wordings Mean A Lot In Marathi Wedding Card Format

The parents name and their ancestry is mentioned in Marathi. Respectful words are used to invite the guests and wordings are given a lot of importance. It is a complete formal style invitation and the hosts should invite the guests personally with the card. The bride and groom names and their details is followed by the place, date and time of the marriage. The marriage ceremony details are done in bold format so that the guests can capture the message fast. Format for Marathi marriage invitation is almost the same in all parts of the Maharashtra.
The card does not have a lot of designs and usually simple cards with two or more designs only are used. Religious symbols like OM and swastika are used in the cards. Ostentatious designs are avoided and you can see cards with only simple designs used for the lagna patrika. Names of close relatives are also mentioned in the card. Usually the traditional cards are distributed to relatives and the English cards are distributed to friends.
Simple Designs Beautify The Card

The beauty of the card lies in its simplicity and the wordings are given importance. Only a particular set of words are used and it is a traditional formal invitation and informal invitations are avoided. Marathi wedding card format has been handed down to the present generation and you can see the cards using only traditional designs. You can select your design from the few available designs. The symbols used are that of house which signifies grihapravesh, drums used for the wedding, etc. Self-designs are also not used in the cards. So choose the best one from the available samples.
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